Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Police Unity Tour to Arrive at National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial on Saturday, May 12th

This morning, members of the Police Unity Tour began their four day journey to Washington, DC—a solemn ride in honor of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. This year, over 1,400 participants of the Police Unity Tour will make their way to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

The Police Unity Tour is comprised of six “spokes” which leave from points in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Three spokes began their journey this morning and three will begin their ride tomorrow. The Tour’s six spokes will converge in Washington, DC on May 12th when they will ride into the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial at approximately 2:00 pm to the cheers of thousands of family, friends, colleagues and supporters.

Throughout their long voyage, Police Unity Tour members wear special remembrance bracelets that bear the name(s) of the officer(s) they ride for. Many members present the bracelets to surviving family members upon finishing the ride.

Along their routes, the Police Unity Tour will stop at Target® stores to further the group’s primary mission of raising awareness about law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. Target® is a generous sponsor of the Police Unity Tour, and the Memorial Fund’s National Police Week events and activities are also supported, in part, by a generous contribution from Target®.

Follow the riders’ progress and view a few photos from the tour at and on twitter @nleomf.


  1. This is awesome...and deserves lots of media coverage. It also deserves major attention in Washington.RESPECT HONOR AND REMEMBER we should show officers ALL the time. So impressive to see brothers come together to remember.

  2. So happy I could make it out with my children to watch the tour take off. And so proud of my husband and all the other riders for making this journey and supporting a wonderful cause.

  3. Our son is one of the officers killed in 2011 and is being remembered and honored in this ride and during National Police Week. Thank you for the sacrifice all riders are making so that our son and other sons, daughters, fathers, and husbands will be remembered. May God be with you and protect you and give you biking mercies.

  4. My husband is riding for his tenth year. This is so important to him to honor those who have lost their lives.