Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Memory of K-9 Maggie Sheridan, Louisa County (VA) Sheriff's Office

In December 2011, K-9 Maggie Sheridan, an American Kennel Club registered black and tan Bloodhound of the Louisa County (VA) Sheriff's Office, was killed while tracking a suicidal subject. As she neared the suspect's home, a pit bull attacked and bit her; she later died as a result of an infection from the bites.

Maggie's handler, Lt. Patrick Sheridan said, "Maggie was a gem. It takes a lot of training and the right handler, but the results and the benefits of that are just priceless."

According to The Charlottesville NewsPlex, Maggie worked a total of 348 cases in her career. Below is a special tribute video in Maggie's honor.

Visit the tribute page devoted to Maggie on Facebook:


  1. RIP K9 Maggie. You performed your job very well.

  2. Although mine aren't LE, we do volunteer SAR~no other dog is like a's easy to see the love she had for her handler and how she, as mine do, liked to "touch" her people...RIP Maggie and may you and my "Baby Gurl Lilly" compare stories of your many adventures in SAR~~God bless her family and may they get through this difficult time only to remember all the amazing things Maggie could do and the unconditional love she gave~

  3. RIP Maggie... may the grass in the meadows be green and fire hydrants a plenty!!!


  4. Rip Ms Maggie...You are a beautiful girl and have accomplished more in your life time then most humans do in theirs...Thank you girl for all of your hard work and dedication...