Thursday, June 17, 2010

President Signs the Special Agent Samuel Hicks Families of Fallen Heroes Act

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) is proud to report that on June 9, 2010, President Obama signed into law H.R. 2711, the Special Agent Samuel Hicks Families of Fallen Heroes Act.

This bill was first introduced by Rep. Mike J. Rogers on June 4, 2009, and initially covered only Special Agents of the FBI. FLEOA worked closely with Rep. Rogers and Chairman Edolphus Towns' staff to have the bill expanded to include its FBI members and all federal law enforcement officers. The final bill included all federal law enforcement officers as well as all employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

With the passage of H.R. 2711, the Department of Justice will "provide for the transportation of the dependents, remains, and effects of certain Federal employees who die while performing official duties or as a result of the performance of official duties."

"This bill is a tribute to the ultimate sacrifice made by our brother, Special Agent Samuel Hicks, as well as all our heroes who embrace the risk that goes with wearing an American law enforcement badge," remarked FLEOA National President Jon Adler. FLEOA is a member of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund's Board of Directors.

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  1. This is only a beginning. What most LEO organizations, families, and "survivors" don't truly understand is that the DOJ continues to hold families lives in a very precarious balance. Unless the LEO goes out in a hail of gunfire, they're not considered worthy of any benefits. The Bureau of Justice Assistance continues to deny "Death Claims" when the LEO has suffered a heart attack or stroke, even after the scathing report delivered to Congress in March/April 2008.

    It's a shame for the ones left behind and a travesty to the LEO who put the badge on day after day. The PSOB Act itself makes a mockery of honoring these fallen heroes.

    My child and I are "survivors" and my spouse was a "hero" who deserves to be honored.