Friday, May 15, 2009

Peace Officers Memorial Day 2009 Wreathlaying

As our nation lowered its flags to half staff on Friday, loved ones and colleagues of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty during 2008 gathered at the US Capitol for a special ceremony.

At the conclusion of the US Capitol service, leaders of the Fraternal Order of Police, the FOP Auxiliary, Concerns of Police Survivors and the NLEOMF brought the wreath from the Capitol to the Memorial to remain under the watch of honor guards from all over the country for the rest of the evening. At midnight, a lone piper will play Amazing Grace as flags are returned to full staff signaling the end of Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Of special note, the Miami-Dade Police Department Honor Guard led the Honor Guards and carried the United States Honor Flag.

Many folks spent the afternoon and evening at the Memorial's walls. There were laughter and tears, handshakes and hugs, lots of blue tape, and thousands of name rubbings. There were flowers galore, setting a beautiful backdrop for mementos such as cigars, boots, and even a cruiser door.

But most importantly, there was one element that was critical and common. Sometimes you had to look hard to see it, yet often it was right in your face ... there was peace.

Whether you were walking the walls, sitting at the reflecting pool or at the Memorial's central medallion, you just knew that our fallen heroes would be "Never Alone, Never Forgotten."


  1. CH (COL) JR Dill, Army, RetiredMay 17, 2009 at 8:52 PM

    Law Enforcement Officers are not super men and women.They live and they die as we all shall; however, they choose to serve knowing that their service puts them in harms way. How tragic is the loss of any one of them. The Nation should know the depth and love of the ceremony that took place this past week in Washington, DC, to remember these who fell in the line of duty. We truly honor ourselves when we honor these heroes who chose to tread the thin blue line.

  2. Was President Obama @ PMD??

  3. Unfortunately, President Obama did not attend the service. Attorney General Holder attended in his place, and Patty LaBelle sang a beautiful rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings."

    Here's a clip supporter Tom Cabral posted on the Memorial's facebook page - it's a series of photos from the day, along with Patty LaBelle singing.
    Thanks, Tom!

  4. Shame on President Barack Hussein Obama for not attending this ceremony. Instead he chose to meet with the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team at the White House and speak about the terrible loss of the Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas!!! Imagine how the families of the fallen police officers feel about this -- not one word about the terrible loss to the loved ones of our fallen Law Enforcement Officers.

    President B.H.O. certainly showed his true colors's all about celebrity with him. Pat Friedhoff, Mahwah, NJ


  6. I am a police officer from suburb of Chicago. Why is it that most police officers dislike President Obama. His best friend is a Chicago copper. I think everyone is reading into this too much.

  7. His friend being a police officer does not negate the fact that he did not attend. Most if not all presidents of late have attended. He made a choice not to attend, I agree shame on him